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Selfie Sticks Banned in Stadiums and Museums!

Selfie sticks seem to have divided the globe into the selfie obsessed people who love them and the haters of all things selfie who will relentlessly slam anything to do with the word selfie. Undeniably however, selfie sticks do take great selfies. I think even the people who despise the new selfie stick have to admit that they take great pictures, it’s the actual look of the stick that seems to rub people up the wrong way.

The selfie stick phenomenon even hit the Oscars recently as Ellen used one to take a selfie but as the sticks have come more popular more organisations are taking a stand against them for a variety of reasons. Most venues have now announced a ban on the selfie stick due to the artists not wanting live recordings of their shows going online without their permission. This is understandable but you can still record live shows without the selfie stick…it just won’t be as obvious.

Museums have also followed suit and banned the selfie stick with concerns for their art. I fail to really understand this one as it’s not like people are charging around with selfie sticks like a scene from braveheart.

Other places that have banned the stick include Disney land which again I think is understandable as they have a lot of safety concerns to deal with it as it is to be honest. Other historic landmarks include big ben and Londons eye who have also banned the now infamous selfie stick.

Football stadiums across europe too announced a ban as they can be used as weapons and football does have a history of violence so that again I think is understandable.

So where can you actually selfie stick I hear you ask? Well I think they are great for traveling and for adrenaline sports. When traveling they allow you to take pictures of yourself in cool places such as mountain tops.

We still think that they are here to stay but check this out for a full list of where selfie sticks are banned.

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