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The Potential Future of Android TV Boxes

Over the past few years, cable television companies have saw a major drop in customers. This has been brought about by a number of different factors. For instance, many consumers are making the switch to online streaming content, while avoiding live cable. Various streaming content providers have been introduced to the market and they have stolen away many of the customers. Of course, this isn’t the only reason. Below, you will learn about Android TV boxes and their potential future.

The Introduction of Android TV Boxes

the future of android boxesSo, what are these boxes and what can they do for you? Well, these boxes are nothing more than a high-tech cable box, which behaves like a miniature computer. When connected to your television, an Android box is capable of transforming your television into a small entertainment center. It’ll give you access to various services and features, including Android games, live television and even on demand content. Of course, each box is different and offers unique features and specs. The future of these machines is definitely bright and will ultimately change the way consumers access television from home!

The Future

It is highly likely that these boxes will play a major role on entertainment in the future. This is the case, because they’re cheaper than subscription cable. As they continue to grow and improve in performance, they’ll overtake subscription cable and will become the sole source of entertainment for consumers all around the world. With these boxes, consumers throughout will be able to access all channels and content from around the globe, which will enhance their choices, while lowering their costs.


Although Android TV boxes are somewhat unknown right now, this will ultimately change dramatically in the future. Once they begin to improve and consumers begin to catch on, these boxes will become the number one choice for all!

Smartwatches: Pricing and Compatibility Are Vital

Before purchasing a smartwatch, it is vital to know the differentials between the pair. First and foremost, you should always look at the price. Although this figure is exceptionally important, you shouldn’t allow it to cloud your judgment. Instead, you will want to also look at other features. Below, you will learn about the price and device compatibility.


When shopping for a smart watch, it is certain that you’ll pay close attention to the price tag! The price varies significantly and numerous factors play a role in the final number. Although many will opt for the cheapest watch, it is vital to know that you get what you pay for! If you’re looking for more advanced features, you will likely need to pay more, in order to get them. Therefore, you shouldn’t allow your judgment to be clouded by these figures. Instead, you should also examine the other features below to help you make a more educated decision.

Device Compatibility

When attempting to purchase one of these devices, you should know that smartwatches typically work in conjunction with your smart phone. In other words, they’re not stand-alone devices. Instead, they offer more versatility to your smart phone. Therefore, you will want to explore each watch’s OS and device compatibilities, before making your decision. If you own an Android phone, you will want to ensure that your watch will sync up with it and work with accordingly.


Remember to carefully examine each specific aspect of each of the smartwatches, before making your choice! This will prevent complications and a future annoyance!

What to look for in a Android TV Box

Google is always looking to get into new markets and Android TV Boxes are no different. They have been wanting to counter Apple TV for quite a while and are ready to launch their own TV box soon but for the moment we have done a small bit of research on what you should look for in a android TV box.

Firstly how is an android TV box different to Apple TV? Well just as it sounds an Android TV Box runs just on a version of android that is designed to work with a remote control and your TV. You can read more about the generic Android TV boxes at

On the hardware front they look very similar to the Apple TV product which is basically just a black box with a HDMI input and a power input. Frustratingly you use the remote control as the keyword which can be a slow process. It can be quite tiresome searching using the remote and is the one thing I think needs looking at for the android TV box.

On the market at the moment there are several TV boxes to choose from including Zoomtak and MK each with their advantages and disadvantages. Obviously we expect Google’s new product to be quite superior to that of a generic Android TV box but for the moment these are the next best thing.



Are you spending a fortune on your ink cartridges?

It is a well known fact that ink cartridges are ridiculously expensive. It is said that most companies spend from anywhere between 4 – 8% of their annual turnover on ink and toner cartridges alone! That is a crazy number for even the biggest companies. Yet still companies do not seem to shop around much when it comes to think. Most business owners and CEOs are too busy to be thinking about pricing different ink cartridges and to be honest a lot of them don’t even know the options available to them.

Compatible ink cartridges are an unbranded version which can cost a fraction of the cost of original inks and provide the same quality. Truth be told if you were shown a print out from an original ink and from a compatible ink you would be guessing which one is which as quality wise there is nothing in it.

Although in saying that the quality of compatible inks varies a lot. There are hundreds of ink manufacturers around the world so naturally the quality varies. It is worth checking out several company online and seeing if they have reviews and how long they are around. If they are around long and sell compatible inks then they are probably pretty decent. So if you are a small business owner check out how much your spending on your inks as you could save a fortune going compatible!


Have You Heard About The New Tefal Actifry Health Fryer?

Unless you have been living under a rock then you have probably heard about the new Tefal Actifry health fryer that uses only 3% of fat when compared with more traditional deep fat fryers. At first I was a little skeptical about the fryer as usually when something is labelled as healthy it is not a nice (to be honest!) but when I tried it I couldn’t believe how amazing the chips were!

tefal actifryNot only are they much healthier but they are much nicer and crisper too. The Tefal Actifry machine uses hot air to cook to the chips rather than the fatty oil that other more traditional fryers use. This means they you are consuming much less fat than you usually would. You can also cook a range of foods in the actifry fryer such as chicken tenders, peas, chicken fillets and potato croquet’s.

There are two types of Tefal Actifry machines available a 1 litre version and a 1.5 litre family version which can cook for up to 6 people. The machines are pretty good value and start at €149.99. Upon some inspecting I see that the Tefal Actifry Shop is the best value and also appear to offer free delivery to the UK and Ireland.


Selfie Sticks Banned in Stadiums and Museums!

Selfie sticks seem to have divided the globe into the selfie obsessed people who love them and the haters of all things selfie who will relentlessly slam anything to do with the word selfie. Undeniably however, selfie sticks do take great selfies. I think even the people who despise the new selfie stick have to admit that they take great pictures, it’s the actual look of the stick that seems to rub people up the wrong way.

The selfie stick phenomenon even hit the Oscars recently as Ellen used one to take a selfie but as the sticks have come more popular more organisations are taking a stand against them for a variety of reasons. Most venues have now announced a ban on the selfie stick due to the artists not wanting live recordings of their shows going online without their permission. This is understandable but you can still record live shows without the selfie stick…it just won’t be as obvious.

Museums have also followed suit and banned the selfie stick with concerns for their art. I fail to really understand this one as it’s not like people are charging around with selfie sticks like a scene from braveheart. In many cases the selfie sticks are only beginning to get popular such as Ireland’s new selfie stick store

Other places that have banned the stick include Disney land which again I think is understandable as they have a lot of safety concerns to deal with it as it is to be honest. Other historic landmarks include big ben and Londons eye who have also banned the now infamous selfie stick.

Football stadiums across europe too announced a ban as they can be used as weapons and football does have a history of violence so that again I think is understandable.

So where can you actually selfie stick I hear you ask? Well I think they are great for traveling and for adrenaline sports. When traveling they allow you to take pictures of yourself in cool places such as mountain tops.

We still think that they are here to stay but check this out for a full list of where selfie sticks are banned.

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