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Why bluetooth speakers have become so popular

Over the last few years bluetooth speakers have become more popular than the traditional HI FI stereo and other forms of audio entertainment. So why have they become so popular in the last several years. Well the main and obvious point about bluetooth speakers is that they are portable unlike traditional stereo systems so you can take them with you to the park, beach, festival or basically where ever you feel the need to!

bluetooth speakersThe battery life on Bluetooth speakers has improved drastically over the last few years and you can usually get a full charge out of the speaker within a few hours that should last you over 50 hours of playing time which is very impressive. Some models also come with the option for AA speakers so even if you don’t have enough charge it is a good back up to have.

There is also no installation needed for the speakers. You basically charge them and hook them up to your phone via Bluetooth and then you are ready to go. Most speakers now have a decent range of 6 meters or so but this is something manufacturers are trying to improve on each year. Bluetooth speakers have also become the norm in most cars as they allow you to wireless listen to your music as opposed to having cables running through your car which is never a pretty site. Most bluetooth speakers go for under €100 from so they are very affordable and although they may not pack the punch of a HI FI stereo they are definitely a good alternative and most offer a good bass sound.

In the future we imagine that everything will be bluetooth or at least wireless and we think that speakers are just the first step in a long line of products that will have this function.






Which phone is best – iPhone 6S or the Samsung Galaxy Edge S7



With the brand new Samsung S7 Edge now on the market to compete with the iPhone 6S the Samsung Vs. Apple battle rages on. We have had time to play around with the new Samsung Galaxy model with it’s improved battery and great looking camera and it really puts it up to the Apple giants flagship model phone.

But it’s not as straight forward as it seems with Apples iPhone 6S being one of the most popular iPhone models to date. The Samsung Galaxy S7 is just over 150 grams with a strong metal frame and comes in a gold and black colour. It is aesthetically one of the nicest phones on the market and definitely samsungs best design to date. The samsung model also has a much better resolution screen as did the older models when compared with the iPhone models of the time including the iPhone 4 and 5.

The samsung comes with 4GB of RAM when compared with the iPhone 6 2GB of RAM. This means that the samsung model can offer better speed, particularly when playing games. The iPhone 6S more so matches the Samsung Galaxy S6 rather than the newer 7 version so there is a clear advantage there for the samsung phone.

Both phones have a 12 mega pixel camera so it is a tie on this front and of course the samsung beats the iphone with regards to storage as Apple continue to not include SD card slots on their phones for a reason I will never understand. Overall both are great phones so it comes down to price and personal preference and if we are being honest in a lot of cases it comes down to whichever software you are more used to. We recently moved to an iphone from android and it takes some getting used to! We also recommend trying refurbished iphones from as phones become more and more expensive.


Tips For Making Routers And WiFi Repeaters Much More Effective

Over the course of many years, Internet technologies have improved extensively. Although the advancements are likely far from other, Wi-Fi has come a long way. Routers have gotten much more powerful and faster than ever before, but they can still falter from time to time. If you’re router is unable to deliver a signal throughout the entirety of your home, you may need to invest in one of the reliable WiFi repeaters. Below, you’ll find tips for making your router and Wifi signal booster more effective and reliable than ever before.

Try The N Standard

First and foremost, you should make sure to acquire a repeater and router that utilize the latest technology. To date, the N standard is the best and it’ll provide you with the quickest speeds and the longest ranges. With an N router and an N compatible device, you’ll be able to receive ranges of up to 230 feet, as well as speeds of up to 150 Mbps.

Try Switching Channels

If you live in a highly populated area, it is likely your neighbors will also be fans of the Internet. These individuals will likely have their own router and this can create a lot of congestion. This is why it is wise to play around and experiment with your router’s available wireless channels. Do not stop, until you find a channel, which has very little competition and interference.

Update Firmware

Your router depends on its firmware to operate properly. The firmware is similar to your computer’s operating system and needs to be kept up to date at all times. Usually, making the upgrade is very simple. Before giving up, make sure you upgrade the firmware and see if the change enhances the router’s performance.


If you’re dealing with constantly losing signal, you may want to extend your router’s range with one of the WiFi repeaters. This product will work exceptionally well for eliminating dead zones and giving the signal the ability to reach areas, which were previously deemed inaccessible.

The Potential Future of Android TV Boxes

Over the past few years, cable television companies have saw a major drop in customers. This has been brought about by a number of different factors. For instance, many consumers are making the switch to online streaming content, while avoiding live cable. Various streaming content providers have been introduced to the market and they have stolen away many of the customers. Of course, this isn’t the only reason. Below, you will learn about Android TV boxes and their potential future.

The Introduction of Android TV Boxes

the future of android boxesSo, what are these boxes and what can they do for you? Well, these boxes are nothing more than a high-tech cable box, which behaves like a miniature computer. When connected to your television, an Android box is capable of transforming your television into a small entertainment center. It’ll give you access to various services and features, including Android games, live television and even on demand content. Of course, each box is different and offers unique features and specs. The future of these machines is definitely bright and will ultimately change the way consumers access television from home!

The Future

It is highly likely that these boxes will play a major role on entertainment in the future. This is the case, because they’re cheaper than subscription cable. As they continue to grow and improve in performance, they’ll overtake subscription cable and will become the sole source of entertainment for consumers all around the world. With these boxes, consumers throughout will be able to access all channels and content from around the globe, which will enhance their choices, while lowering their costs.


Although Android TV boxes are somewhat unknown right now, this will ultimately change dramatically in the future. Once they begin to improve and consumers begin to catch on, these boxes will become the number one choice for all!

What to look for in a Android TV Box

Google is always looking to get into new markets and Android TV Boxes are no different. They have been wanting to counter Apple TV for quite a while and are ready to launch their own TV box soon but for the moment we have done a small bit of research on what you should look for in a android TV box.

Firstly how is an android TV box different to Apple TV? Well just as it sounds an Android TV Box runs just on a version of android that is designed to work with a remote control and your TV. You can read more about the generic Android TV boxes at

On the hardware front they look very similar to the Apple TV product which is basically just a black box with a HDMI input and a power input. Frustratingly you use the remote control as the keyword which can be a slow process. It can be quite tiresome searching using the remote and is the one thing I think needs looking at for the android TV box.

On the market at the moment there are several TV boxes to choose from including Zoomtak and MK each with their advantages and disadvantages. Obviously we expect Google’s new product to be quite superior to that of a generic Android TV box but for the moment these are the next best thing.



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