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Android TV Box – The future of television?

Although we have done an article some time ago about the android box they have gotten very popular in the last 12 months. So why are they so popular and what exactly can they do?

With the coming of the android TV box the monopolistic nature of cable operators has come to an end.

You no longer need pay lots of cash to your operator for giving a minimal service and be over-

Charged in what is to be termed as tyranny of monopolists. The most recent form of Android TV has reached a point where they can deliver technology promised and expected and purchaser versus administrator gadgets, Big 4 stages, and TV-as-an-application.

There is still far to go before this all meets up, and communicating and developing this technology will probably not take decades anymore and can reach its expected stage very soon.

The Android TV box and other ‘Huge 4’ TV-as-an-application stages don’t abhor pay-TV. They overlook it by and large. Although the companies control most TV sectors for pay-TV or some other video benefit, there is no program manage; there are no straight channels; there is no DVR; there is no administrator VOD – that is, unless the administrator gives an application and contends with the various VOD administrations.

From one perspective, Android TV represents no risk at all to pay-TV and can play pleasantly with the current ‘television everywhere’ biological system. Then again, the android TV will soon leave the cable operators useless. The extreme effect of this will be on the sellers of pay-TV elements.

Also for Irish and UK expats who live abroad this is the perfect device to keep up with channels from the homeland. Recently an Irish expat setup a business selling thee boxes in Australia and has become quite successful. His site is

Monopolist administrators of mobile phones at a time had control over almost all the customers, yet rapidly lost impact to Apple and Google because they could not deliver what the consumers really wanted with the change in time. A similar thing is probably going to happen to the administrator controlled set-up box. It is well known that the dusk of Cable operators has come with the advent of Android TV and they are never going to see the dawn any day.

Why bluetooth speakers have become so popular

Over the last few years bluetooth speakers have become more popular than the traditional HI FI stereo and other forms of audio entertainment. So why have they become so popular in the last several years. Well the main and obvious point about bluetooth speakers is that they are portable unlike traditional stereo systems so you can take them with you to the park, beach, festival or basically where ever you feel the need to!

bluetooth speakersThe battery life on Bluetooth speakers has improved drastically over the last few years and you can usually get a full charge out of the speaker within a few hours that should last you over 50 hours of playing time which is very impressive. Some models also come with the option for AA speakers so even if you don’t have enough charge it is a good back up to have.

There is also no installation needed for the speakers. You basically charge them and hook them up to your phone via Bluetooth and then you are ready to go. Most speakers now have a decent range of 6 meters or so but this is something manufacturers are trying to improve on each year. Bluetooth speakers have also become the norm in most cars as they allow you to wireless listen to your music as opposed to having cables running through your car which is never a pretty site. Most bluetooth speakers go for under €100 from so they are very affordable and although they may not pack the punch of a HI FI stereo they are definitely a good alternative and most offer a good bass sound.

In the future we imagine that everything will be bluetooth or at least wireless and we think that speakers are just the first step in a long line of products that will have this function.






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