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Cut Your TV Bills With The Zgemma H2S

There has been a lot of talk in the papers recently about free streaming devices such as the android TV box which has caused a lot of controversy about the legality of using such devices to stream live channels, movies and TV shows. One thing that is not made clear in these articles however is that it is in no way illegal to have an android TV box. Just like a laptop can be used for illegal activities and it does not make the laptop illegal it is the same with the android TV box.

zgemma H2S boxHowever some people are still a little bit wary of these issues so we thought we would write about a good totally legal alternative. This is the freesat box known as the Zgemma H2S which allows you to get over 200 free to air channels via your satellite dish. It gets channels such as BBC and More4 and many others and can display these channels in HD where the channels themselves are HD. The reason we picked the Zgemma H2S box is because it by far has the best interface compared with other freesat boxes.

In fact it is just like a Sky box and you can even get a Sky looking skin on the interface. Again this is all above board and these channels are free to air channels so everything is fine. Some of these boxes are being sold with illegal viewing cards that pick up premium channels. This is 100% illegal and we do not advise doing this. We recommend using a well known supplier that knows and abides the laws in this area.  These guys do the Zgemma H2S and a 320GB hard drive for recording for €199.00 with next day delivery which is a pretty good deal.

So this is a great alternative to the android box if you have a satellite dish and want to cut your costly bills.

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