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How To Improve The Effectiveness Of Your CCTV Cameras

Do you happen to live in a crime-ridden neighborhood? Although this will ultimately increase your risks and the chance that you’ll become the victim of a crime, you don’t have to take it laying down. Instead, you should get up and do something about it. One way to try and prevent a break-in is by installing CCTV cameras around your home. Even dummy cameras can be effective for this purpose. Below, you’ll find tips for enhancing the effectiveness of your cameras.

Out Of Reach

First and foremost, you need to remember that criminals will be aware of cameras. They’ll do their best to render the cameras ineffective, before breaking the law. If the camera is low to the ground, the thief will simply destroy it, before breaking into your home. Keep the camera off of the ground, so this cannot happen.

Use Dummy Cameras Too

As mentioned above, dummy cameras can be surprisingly effective as well. By utilizing a combination of dummy cameras and fully functional cameras, you’ll be able to increase the security of your home substantially. Place the dummy cameras out in the open, while positioning the functional cameras where they’ll be able to record the action. This will first attempt to scare the thief away. If the dummy cameras don’t work, the functional cameras will record their behavior anyway.

Line Of Sight

When attempting to find a good place to install your cameras, you’ll need to think like a criminal. Where will the thief enter your property? Which side of your home is less protected and less visible to the public? Find out and install extra cameras in this location.


When it comes down to it, security cameras can be incredibly effective, but placement is everything. Take your time and think like the thief. With a little bit of effort, you’ll be able to find the most effective location for your cameras and will be able to guarantee the criminal’s behavior is captured and the criminal is sent away for many years.

Updated: October 5, 2016 — 10:15 am
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